PHP Certification & Training

A PHP course is designed to enable web developers and others users with limited programming experience to build dynamic database driven e-commerce web sites using the PHP programming language.

PHP being a rich and task-specific language, this course covers the most important range of functions in depth, and equips the delegates to understand the remaining less essential aspects.

PHP is Open Source and Cross Platform, running on Unix, Linux, MS Windows, Apple Mac, AS/400 and more, and is often used with an OS-CP database and web server such as MySql and Apache. Thus PHP works on operating system and hardware that currently suits your applications and organisation. PHP is a ”P” in the LAMP stack.

PHP Training built on practicals Parsys Media Web Developer training courses and Certification exams are designed to achieve and enhance professional skills in PHP and My SQL. The training is designed for individuals who wish to build skills in highly sought after web development tools – PHP and MySQL.

Training course content :

PHP Training :

History of PHP
Basic PHP
Why and Scope of PHP
PHP as Open source Technology
PHP for Web Based Application
PHP Variables
PHP Echo,Print_r()
PHP Logical and Arithmatic Operators
PHP Concatenation
PHP Comments
PHP Strings
PHP Arrays
PHP Inbuilt Functions
PHP Methods – $_GET,$_POST,$_REQUEST
PHP Functions – include(),reuire(),include_once(),reuire_once()
PHP Pagination
IF Loop , While Loop , Do-While Loop , Swich Case , Nested IF , For Loop , For Each
PHP Login Aunthentication – Session , Cookies
PHP Mail
PHP File Handling and File Uploading
PHP – MySQL Connection
PHP – Object Oriented Basics
PHP Classes
PHP Class Objects
PHP Encryption
PHP Function Overriding and Overloading
PHP OOPS Framework Overview

My SQL Training :

Basic MySQL
Why and Scope of MySQL
MySQL as Open source Technology
MySQL for Web Based Application
MySQL Create Database
MySQL Create Table
MySQL Table Fields
MySQL Primary Key
MySQL Foreign Key
MySQL Where clause
MySQL Alias
MySQL Like
MySQL Between
MySQL Order By
MySQL Group By
MySQL Having
MySQL Sub Query
Import and Export through Command line
Import and Export through PHPMYADMIN Tool
MySQL Joins – Left Join , Right Join , Inner Join
MySQL Query Optimization Concept
MySQL Functions – repeat(), strlen(), substr(), strpos(), sqrt(), power(), abs(), concat_ws()
MySQL Functions – curdate(), curtime(), datediff(), minute(), hour(), second(), day(), month()

Course Fee : INR 10,000/-